3DRenderingThis post concentrates on the design of the wood case.  It is based on the dimensions determined in a previous post.

Autodesk Inventor was used for the modeling. See the Drawings for the details.

A couple of notes:

  • All material from 4/4 black walnut.  I am still looking for a reasonable source of the material.  The best bet so far is from a local supplier with 4/4, approximately 7" wide and 7' long for $8.50/BF.  However, I am still looking around for wider or cheaper stock.
  • It looks like all pieces will require a glue up of multiple boards.  I do not own a jointer, so planer and tablesaw jigs will be required.  I have never done panel glue ups, and that makes me the most nervous.
  • All Dados will be 3/8" deep.  A router with a 1/2" upspiral bit will be used to create them.
  • The mounting of the movement will require a specialized piece.  It will need to have holes for the weights, and not interfere with the pendulum or chimes.  There are taped holes on the bottom for mounting screws.  The layout of these holes is going to be a pain, and will be done closer to game time.
  • I will design the doors after the case is built.

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