The Setup

IMG_2599I finally got tired of having a movement, and not having it in action.  However, a reasonable case is way to far away, so I put together a test rig.  The rig consisted of some 2x4s, and a cedar top plate that allowed the cables for the weights to pass through.  I picked up some lead shot (for making shot gun shells) for weight.  The left two weights are 7.7 lb mason jars.  The right weight is a 9.9 growler.  The horizontal bar was required to keep the weights from interfering with the pendulum.

It actually took me more time than I care to admit to attach the pendulum (a 1x2) to the leader.  Getting a rigid connection proved to be a challenge.  The best solution ended up slotting the pendulum, and sliding it on the leader.

How it Works

It runs!  It ticks! It tocks!  When I put hands on it, they even move.  I spun the minute hand a little bit and the hammers started firing.  A quick beat count with a stop watch yields it is 14% fast.  Adding a clamp to the bottom of the pendulum got it to within 4%.  Not bad for no calibration.

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